Words of Wisdom

13 12 2008

Wow, 6 year olds can be soooo wise sometimes! LOL Freya was here yesterday, helping me decorate my purple Christmas tree (no, there’s no pics, it needs serious HELP! LOL will get it done this weekend for sure!), and for whatever reason, we got talking about being famous. Oh yeah, there was a Brittany Spears commercial on the tv, and Freya told me that she would lke to be rich some day and being famous would be all right, but she didn’t want to be a super star. Because when you’re a superstar no one leaves you alone, they follow you everywhere and it would be no fun, you can’t do anything because people will bother you. Smart kid, huh?!

Anyway, just wanted to share that – dh and I are off to town shortly to pick up some building stuff (he’s working on the laundry room – getting all his ‘stuff’ behind built in cupboards). And a quick trip to Costco, and possibly some Xmas shopping. I need to get a few more decorations for my purple tree (see note above!), and lights for our upstairs tree which we will pick up tomorrow. Gotta get white lights with white cord for my purple tree if possible. One strand of white LED with green cord just doesn’t work! Blech! LOL This Christmas stuff is a lot of hard work! LOL Have a great Friday!!




One response

14 12 2008

She is a wise child! It wouldn’t be fun to be a superstar.

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