Happy Boxing Day!!

27 12 2008

Oh how I wish it would STOP snowing!!! I LOATHE snow, remember?!?!? Here’s my back yard yesterday (we’ve had a few more inches added since these pics were taken!)
Now, it doesn’t look like much, but it’s WAY more than we’ve had since 1996! I think it might even beat that record (but I’m not watching the news to find out! LOL). Here’s a corner of the deck where dh shoveled the snow into – the snow on the railing is one night’s accumulation!! ARGH!!
Too freaking much snow for me!!!! On another note, we went to Langley (next town over) to drop our oldest (Chris) at the bus stop – not driving him to Surrey as it’s too far and I didn’t want to deal with stupid Boxing Day drivers on the Highway!! Anyway, we ended up at Petsmart, shopping for proper colored plants for my new little fish tank. Well, unfortunately dh was with me……. we now have two fish tanks. And three gold fish for his tank. And two more neon tetras and a betta for my tank. The reason we ended up with one for him is because I was going to let him keep the little one in his tattoo studio and I was going to get the new tank for me – it’s got a lighted lid, more space, better filter, etc – then once we had everything in the buggy, and fish in bags, we agreed that 1) the kids’ feelings would be hurt if I gave it to him and 2) this thing has to fit on the back of my workbench. Anyway, I’m keeping the blue gravel for my tank, but getting rid of the hot pink plant. We got a little cave type thing for the clown loach fish that Mark bought for me (those freaking things are $20 each!! What was he thinking?!?!?). I’m hoping it survives as new tanks can be kind of iffy at first. Okay, so we had to buy decorations and gravel for his tank. Oh and can’t forget the different foods for tropicals and gold fish. We also figured we might as well get meal worms for the bearded dragons while we were there. Let’s just say that my little 5 gallon fish tank Christmas present cost us an additional $200!!! ROFL! You know, many years ago, we ended up with over 20 fish tanks of varying sizes and types – dh has issues with impulse control and I have issues with saying no to him!! ROFL! Oh it’s a slippery slope……….

Okay, I’m begging you guys to bug me if I start talking about adding more tanks to the family. PLEASE?!?!? If you read that we’re going to go look at more or bigger or anything like that, you’ll know we need an intervention!!

Well, better go help dh set up the second tank. Tee hee!! I also have to clear a spot on the back of my workbench for my little tank. I’ll take a pic once it’s all set up and happy!!

Hope you’re enjoying your day – and sure hope you’re not having to shovel this white crap!! Cheers!



One response

27 12 2008

The snow is beautiful, even tho you hate it! 🙂 It sure beats mud!

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