And on another note!

4 01 2009

It’s still freaking SNOWING!!! The rain was VERY short lived, and we are living in a freaking winter wonderland!! Rain please!! Lots of rain! I don’t want anymore snow, I only want RAIN!!!!!!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog! 🙂



3 responses

4 01 2009

You nut! I would love a little snow. I HATE rain, and it’s starting to right now! I’m burning up cause it’s really hot here today. We always have wet, muddy winters here in Louisiana. YUCK!

7 01 2009

I love the snow as long as I don’t have to drive in it, or clear it :-D. I love rains though! Lots of rain! With thunders and lightening. Yeah…all the light and sound effects.

7 01 2009

I am so with you on the snow!!! I can’t imagine the crazy bobcat guy and the plowing making a hill of 8 feet of snow and thinking that was okay!!! What an incredible dork!! 😀

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