OMG! I might be OCD!

14 01 2009

LOL Not that there’s anything wrong with OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder), my dh suffers from it, although it’s much milder now that he’s older. I however am just discovering this trait in myself! Those who know me, already know I obsess about stuff (like jewelry, gemstones, cats, dogs, birds, lizards, my kids, whatever! LOL), but I have a new obsession!! Siamese Fighting fish!! I tried to deny it. I tried to resist it. I have failed!!! I am now deep in the process of surrounding myself with these funky creatures. Oh, I was doing just fine with one (that I got for Christmas), until I discovered that there are some AMAZING fancy ones out there. Variations I’d never heard of let alone seen!! Crown tails, twin tails, half moons, the list is amazing!! Well, with a little internet search (is the internet really a good thing for us OCD folks!?), and I discovered a place where I could bid on new fish from the breeders in Thailand! OMG!! They were amazing! Then a little more digging proved to me that this course of action is VERY expensive – between the transhipping and heat packing, and all that other good stuff. Then somehow, someway, I tripped over a forum for local BC aquarium people! I’m not alone! LOL Not that I thought I was, but hey – a girl can wonder, right?! Anyway, right there, on the forum was an announcement by a local fish store, not 15 minutes from me that had crown tails and twin tails (as well as the regular ordinary ones!), and I HAD to check them out!!! And DH IS NO HELP! LOL He’s a total enabler! Tee hee!!! I will say that I am now the proud owner of a couple of fancy ones and have a half moon on order (okay, I’m totally lying! I have a couple of half moons on order! Wait til you see them! LOL). So I thought I would show you one of the crown tails.


Crown tail means that their normally flowing fins have been genetically modified through selective breeding to give them long flowing fins that when splayed out look kind of like a ragged crown (I so suck at describing that stuff! LOL). I’ll try to get a pic of the double tail and the normals this week. My eventual plan is to have a shelf above my workbench with several tanks with these guys in them so that I can admire them while I work. So soothing and so pretty! LOL No need for therapy, I don’t want to be cured! ๐Ÿ™‚

And yes, I’m working on jewelry – I have a private class here tomorrow and Thursday, so will have to put my stuff on hold, but I will blog as I can!! Those of you that are local, new classes are starting at UFV in Abbotsford and Chilliwack the first week of February. If you’ve taken my classes before and want to come to work on your own stuff with my guidance are more than welcome to enroll. The class is VERY small right now, so you will get TONS of personal attention.

Off to make dinner for that enabling dh of mine! Hope you all have a great evening!




3 responses

15 01 2009
Jerry Fowler

Your blogs are so funny. I have been down the fish, lizard and turtle paths. I had forty fish tanks ranging in size from 2.5 gallon to 125 gallon, 25 tanks of various lizards and over 150 different turtles. Now I’m down to a mere 30 turtles. Something had to go or I would never get any jewelry made. You may not have OCD but merely be bipolar as I am. The collecting of things and going down these roads is more related to ADHD then OCD. True OCD is truly a terrible thing to suffer with.

15 01 2009

Jerry, thank you! Can’t blame you for downsizing on the critters, we’re WAY down from what we were once upon a time! I totally agree OCD is truly aweful (my dh is a mild sufferer) and I probably don’t have any of the above afflictions, just a serious case of self-indulgence!! Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

16 01 2009

I am definitely a little ADHD myself, as is my son. I am also a hoarder, and collector extraordinaire. (self-admitted) Fortunately the things I collect (currently) don’t have to be fed or cleaned up after. ๐Ÿ˜€ Give me time.

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