Snow yet again!!

28 01 2009

I wonder if I ignore it, will it go away?!?! Hope so, cause as far as I’m concerned, that white stuff does not exist!! The squirrels are enjoying the feeder, and there were a whole bunch of LBB’s (little brown birds) on the suet feeder, twittering and picking and enjoying a free lunch. There were a couple of Stellar’s Jays this morning and a couple of varied thrushes. Not to mention all the chickadees, juncos and starlings! Our yard is quite the local hang out now! πŸ™‚

My fish fetish has taken firm hold of me – I tried to deny it for years, but it’s hopeless. As my friend Andee said, first I need to want help, and I’m not ready for that yet, so I will continue to ‘collect’ my swimming art! I wish Andee lived closer, I’ll bet she could get good pics of these guys! I can’t!! I’ve tried everything I know how – except to read the manual, which I will do as soon as I can find it! So until I can show off my finned friends, here’s pic of the temporary housing in the tattoo room (dh’s tattoo studio, note that there are 11 separate jars/vases/tanks!!)

My two favorites (if there is such a thing with these guys!) are the white one on the top shelf, far left and the steel black/grey one on the top shelf, far right. LOVE them! But if it’s color you prefer, the bottom left one is AMAZING! Purple, red, pink, irridescent, with a black face!! Or the one second from the right on the bottom shelf – orange, red, pink, purple, but in a much different way than the other one! Oh, then there’s the blue/black one on the middle shelf with yellow fins! Or the tiny little red and orange double tailed one (middle shelf, far left). Good grief, I’ve lost my marbles!!! But, I have to admit that they are artistically inspiring. The black one has such long flowing fins, they inspire me to want to start designing clothes! Look at this (sorry for the crappy pic, I told you, it’s REALLY hard to get good pics!)
His fins flow so beautifully, the color is amazing (grey with a shimmer of other colors in different light/angles) and I think would make the most amazing long gown!! Like I have time or money to become a fashion designer! ROFL! I better stick to what I know – jewelry!! And to that end, I better get going – my studio awaits! Cheers!




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28 01 2009

LOL! I think you may be a hoarder of fish! They are beautiful, but I don’t want anything else that eats!

28 01 2009

LOL Barrie, for a moment I thought you wanted me to live closer so that I can try to talk you out of it more efficiently! πŸ˜‰ I agree about the clothes, but until then I’m waiting for you to make some fish beads! πŸ™‚

29 01 2009

OMG Barrie, that’s a lot of fish! You could have your own fish store. Maybe you should consider a line of fish jewelry, you’ve got plenty of inspiration! LOL – enjoy them.

31 01 2009

I’m with Andee…want to see fish beads!! Forget the fashion designing I foresee a whole new line of jewellery inspired by your little buddies!! πŸ™‚

I have one of the little betas left and he’s well over 2 years old. He’s on a book shelf in the hallway and everytime I walk by him I say hi and touch the glass. My way of petting him!! πŸ™‚

2 02 2009
Rita Reedy

Barrie, You are definitely a fish addict. It cracked me up reading all the different colors you have, and it is so funny that Randy’s tattoo room shares space with 11 tanks. Hee-hee, you crack me up. πŸ˜€

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