Customer service – it’s still alive and well!!

7 02 2009

I just wanted to thank Capilno Rock & Gem for their AWESOME customer service! They are courteous and helpful and definitely made my week!! Hooray! It’s nice to see that customer service is still alive and well in this day and age. If you’ve never been to the store, either leave your credit card at home, or have a set budget in mind! It’s WAY too easy to get carried away, I must say! They have an amazing collection of beads for sale (not that I buy any, but it’s fun to look!), and the most amazing collection of jewelry tools! And their prices tend to be the best we have locally. I just wish they were closer to me! Then I would go there more often!! Which might be a bad thing. But then I would have more tools, which is a good thing. But my bank account would be very sad, which is a bad thing! LOL Maybe it’s good that they’re just far enough away to be perfect for what I need! 🙂

On another note, I made a friend this week!! I was at the fish store (no, I managed to walk out without buying a single fish! Hooray!), and this little guy came through the door with his owner!
This is Mac, a 2 yr old lemur. He is lovingly owned by Mike, The Reptile Guy. who is a professional animal handler, and does shows/demonstrations/educational things with his reptiles and now Mac. It was so cool feeding this little lemur raisins (his favorite apparently). He has leathery little fingers and quite the grip!! He was licking my hands after I ran out of raisins – cutest little guy ever!!! I think I’ll arrange for Mike to bring his critters to Freya’s birthday party this year – how fun would that be for the kids?!! LOL

Anyway, I’m back in full swing – show coming up in March, bead show back in full swing, jewelry creations abounding and classes full and happy! Guess I better get off this computer and get cracking! I love it when I’m busy, busy!! Cheers!



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