Back to the land of the living!

13 02 2009

I was sick for a couple of days this past week. I feel so much better now, but there were a couple of moments when I just wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep!! So what’s new?! Let’s see ….. not much!! I’m awaiting a new silver order so I can get cracking on stuff for the fashion show. I have two classes a week right now and am thoroughly enjoying all the students. It’s GREAT to be back at it! Other than that, it’s business as usual!!
We did have a couple of fish fatalities this past week. We’re still not sure what happened, but I lost my pure white one and one that was greenish with nearly see through fins. 😦 No, I haven’t replaced them. I’m trying to behave myself. It’s hard though!! I do have to go to the pet store where I get the fancy ones from, but will do my utmost best to resist!! Last time I was in there, I ended up getting my jet black one (he has purple veining in his fins – Freya (my granddaughter) says he looks like beautiful fabric!). As silly as it sounds, feeding time is my fav – I take the lids off all the little aquariums and they all know it’s feeding time. They dash up to the top of the tank and wait sort of patiently. I sprinkle the food in and it’s a feeding frenzy! LOL Such fun! 🙂 Here’s the shelf that dh made for the kitchen – it’s beside the fridge – not the best spot for it, but we can look at them from the kitchen table, so it does make sense.
There’s still three tanks on the kitchen table, one on either side of the tv in the living room, one beside the kitchen sink and dh hijacked THREE for his tattoo room!! He actually liked having them in there and missed them once we moved them to the kitchen/living room. We had a few choice words for each other when he was choosing which ones would go in his room. But we worked it out. Mind you, he did take three – and we did lose two, so that technically means I could quite conceivably get a couple more, right?!?!?
Anyway, better get to work. I’m putting together the applications for teachers at the bead show – do you teach a bead or wire jewelry class?? Wanna teach at the bead show?? Let me know and I’ll send you the application! Our classes are well attended and tons of fun!!
Have a great Friday the 13th!! Cheers!



2 responses

14 02 2009

WOW! You really do like fish, don’t you! LOL
That is a LOT of them.

22 02 2009

Hey Barrie! I just popped in to tell you that you have an award waiting for you over at my blog!

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