Spring has sprung!!

22 02 2009

Hello again!! Sorry to have dropped off the planet again – I keep meaning to update my blog, and get totally sidetracked!! I’m such a scatterbrain lately! The sun is finally showing here in beautiful BC. In fact it’s so gorgeous outside today I might (just might, mind you!) spend some time outdoors enjoying it! LOL Our bird feeders are jam packed with busy little birds pigging out and enjoying the weather. We have a flock of male red winged blackbirds that’s been hanging out lately. They get a little feisty and kep tearing the suet feeder off it’s chain, but oh well! They’re having fun, who are we to complain!! All the fish are doing well, the cats, dogs, birds (indoor ones!) and lizards are all doing well. Life is good!

I’m off today to pick up a huge silver order that has arrived at the gallery. I will be so glad to have bezel wire again!! Woohoo!! You should have seen me scrounging on Wednesday night for enough bezel wire to accommodate the students projects! Argh!! Oh, and one of the gals is making a ring with a really deep faceted smokey quartz. I don’t have bezel wire wide enough on a good day, let alone this day!! So we improvised!! We took two strips of wide bezel wire and soldered them side by side – ta-da SUPER wide bezel wire! How clever is that?! A little filing and sanding and it’s perfect! 🙂

The fashion week thing is creeping up on me very quickly, no not freaking out yet, but I really have to get tackling the ‘collections’! So hopefully I’ll have some show and tell for you all soon. I am looking forward to getting my torch fired up again and producing some interesting pieces. We shall see!!

Have great weekend!! Back soon I hope !:)




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