All that panic for naught!!

30 03 2009

Well, what a waste of a day that was!! The Vancouver Fashion Week show I mean. Seriously, it was ridiculous. How those people can call themselves ‘organizers’ I’ll never know. Right down to the last minute, organization was not even remotely on their minds! I am SO spoiled having been trained by the best when it comes to show organization. My own show (the Fraser Valley Bead Show) is so organized, it almost scares me sometimes! LOL I have to thank my buddy Lise, it’s her whipping me into shape that has made the bead show as smooth as it is. Love her to pieces for that!! Boy was I ever tempted to sic her after the Vancouver Fashion Week dweebs!! OMG!!
I can’t even describe what the heck the show was about – I was one of 15 jewelry/accessory designers, shoved off in the back of a dark blackened building in a seed area of Vancovuer, listening to loud club music all day while far off near the front of the building local clothing designers had models do the runway catwalk thing. The fashion designers were given great exposure with photographers, media and all that jazz. The jewelry designers? We were shoved to the far back of the building, right by the bathrooms actually! We had very few people go by our booths and of the few that did go by, only one or two were actually interested in what they were seeing. What a gong show! πŸ™‚ But I will take it as a learning experience. I must say that Joye and I had a great time together (she’s HILARIOUS!) and if you ever meet her get her to show you her ‘model on the runway’ walk! She had me in stitches every time she came back from the runway area – she would do her model walk – except she kept smiling. All those skinny bitches NEVER smile on the catwalk (they’re probably too hungry! LOL!). We met some lovely jewelry designers. The girls from LaSalle College’s sad excuse for a jewelry design course were so sweet. They did mostly beaded stuff, but it was beautifully done. There was a great pair of sisters who have are in business together, one makes the jewelry, the other sells it – they call their company ‘Lemon Park’. They make woven/crocheted pieces with TONS of funky chunky crystals, beads, rocks, etc. We really enjoyed hanging out with them. There was one snobby lady from Whistler who had a lot of crocheted stuff that didn’t seem to want to chat with any of us. Oh well! πŸ™‚ I don’t remember who else was there, but after however many hours (seemed like 10 or 12 but was only about 4 LOL) it was a relief to leave the building and go home!

Anyway, enough from me – I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Joye, but certainly didn’t enjoy the show itself. I had a migraine this morning so I didn’t go today. I sure hope Joye made some money – she worked so hard on her stuff.

Okay, I should probably get myself ready for bed pretty quick. I am going to photograph all my jewelry (I have it ALL from the gallery plus a bunch of new pieces!), and will show them off as soon as the photos are done. Oh and I have a new website I’m working on – more on that when it’s ready to go!!

Hope you had a great weekend!



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30 03 2009

Well, you live and learn! πŸ™‚ Sorry it was a bad show, but at least now you know not to go back! Can’t wait to see all the new jewelry, cause I know it’s gorgeous!

31 03 2009
Marie Cristine

What a piss-off! Oh well somethings are just not meant to be… I can’t wait to see pictures of your jewelry though! πŸ˜‰

31 03 2009

Ohhhhhhhh Barrie!!! ((((((BIG Huggzzzzzzzzzz)))))) for you firstly!

I am so sorry to hear that the show was a total disappointment. Grrrr at them having you jewelery Artists to the back in the dark, and by the toilets! that is an insult to your beautiful work!

I guess it could be passed off as a learning experience, but geez! I am so sorry for you matey… but, on the up side of things at least you made of it what you could, and sounds like your friend Joye lightened up the day with her cat walking LOL
she sounds like a very nice person.

I cannot wait to see the things that you designed, as i am always happy with the jewelery that you design!

Keep smiling…. hopefully the next show will be much better.

Take care,

From Tracey πŸ˜€

31 03 2009

What a shame – it sounded like it would be really fab. However – on the positive side you met some cool people!

31 03 2009

Aw, thank you all so much!!! I totally appreciate your support!! I took a bunch of pics today and hopefully I’ll get them uploaded in the next day or two!! Cheers!

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