Have you ever had one of those days?

1 04 2009

Seriously? I am so grumpy right now, that I could spit nails (one of my Mom’s favorite sayings!). I’m not particularly angry, just completely grumpy. And at no one and nothing in particular. Must be PMS! I tried taking jewelry pics today, and you know what? My jewelry is BORING!!!! Well, the new stuff anyway. Totally boring. I must have about 30 leaf pieces (*yawn*), a few of those ‘geo cosmo’ domed circle pieces (okay, there’s one that’s pretty but really, who’s going to wear these stupid things?), and that’s it. I think I need some new inspiration. Or a holiday. Or something. Sigh ……………… maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow. I will post pics, but the thought of uploading and what not is too daunting at this minute. Especially considering the double sinks full of dirty dishes I have to wash. As much as I love dh (and everyone that knows me knows how much I adore Randy most days), today I could strangle him!!! ARGH! Would it kill him to wash more than just his dinner plate? Someone should tell him that cutlery is considered ‘washing your own dinner dishes’. I hope I snap out of this before he gets home from work or it’s going to be a miserable evening! LOL I better go find something to munch on – something completely unhealthy and satisfying.
Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with a much better attitude! Have a great day! 🙂




4 responses

1 04 2009

Oh, I can relate! I think I’m starting menopause! I had a hysterectomy 16 years ago, and they say that will make menopause start earlier. Sometimes I’m just furious at NOTHING! It’s a good thing my hubby is in Sinapore. LOL

1 04 2009

Oh Barrie, it will be a better day tomorrow! And your jewelry is wonderful, there are people just waiting to see it and try it on and buy it ALL. So put it out there, and then go make something wildly creative that makes your heart sing, and put that out there too. Hugs!

1 04 2009

There is nothing boring about you or your jewelry — you’re just in a funk. I hope it passes quickly!! ((hugs))

2 04 2009

You and your jewelry are anything but BORING!!!!!!

Inspiring is a much better suited word…..

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