A new day dawns – or maybe lots of days!!

5 04 2009

Sorry to take so long to get back here and catch up. It’s been an interesting week. No, my bad mood didn’t last long – just til the next day then I was fine. I do have some jewelry to show – just let me babble for a few minutes. I had a minor trauma last night. Dh & I went to Staples to get some stationery stuff, and while there he was checking out laptops, I was looking at cameras. I took off my engagement ring (you know where this is going, don’t you), put it on the shelf, focused a couple of different cameras, dh came along, annoyed me (he’s good at that some days!), and I totally and completely forgot that my ring was sitting on the shelf at Staples until we’d gone out for dinner then home. I was sitting in the kitchen about two and a half hours later and realized it was gone. I phone the store, nope, no one turned it in. The staff looked on the shelf. No ring. My poor little ring is gone. It had the tiniest of diamonds, and the gold wire ring shank was very thin. Dh bought it for me when we had no money, three kids at the time (this would have been in 1988), we were the poster family for poor. And somehow, some way he managed to scrape together $90 to buy me this second hand ring. I loved that little ring. I wore it almost non-stop for 20 years. And now it’s gone. But I still have dh, and we have a mortgage, kids, grandkids, vehicles, stuff, and a zoo’s worth of critters. I highly doubt he’s going anywhere anytime soon! LOL But it was my ring 😦

I had a really good class at the house today though – one day for now as it was a mom/daughter team. Mom has breast cancer, just finished chemo, goes on Monday for a double mastectomy then radiation. It was kind of tough at first knowing she is so sick (the cancer has matasticiszedlslejr???? I have no idea how to spell that!!) but it didn’t take long to realize she’s just taking one day at a time and staying positive. Her daughter is going to stop by tomorrow morning to pick up their rings (they managed to finish them, I just have to tumble them), and I’m going to send over a stack of Lapidary Journals for the mom to go through while she’s recouperating from surgery. You know, after spending the day with the two of them (the only child/daughter doing something with her mom so they can spend precious time together, patiently listening while her mom and I told stories back and forth, or her mom asked the same question a million times because the chemo has fried her short term memory, etc) makes me realize that a silly little ring going missing is so not the end of the world. I am humbled. 🙂

And now for the jewelry parade!!

First is a white titanium drusy, multicolored dichroic, pink tourmaline and amethyst pendant.

This is a green tourmaline pendant

This is a titanium drusy and pink tourmaline Pathways pendant

This is a bangle bracelet I made for me!! The leaves have lime green and magenta resin in them. Pretty, huh??

This is a similar bangle bracelet that I made but didn’t put any resin in it. It’s at the gallery now…

Labradorite and mystic topaz, reticulated silver pendant

Resin pendant – such rich colors!!

Now, this one is different for me! Here is a massive bundle of leaves and chains. The chains vary in length, 2ft, 3 ft, 4 ft and finally 5 ft long!! The shortest one (2 ft) has two smallleaves and a larger leaf focal. The 3 ft chain has a huge 2 1/2 inch leaf hanging from it, and the 4 ft chain has 9 (or it might be 11, I can’t remember and it’s at the gallery!!) small leaves spaced out along it. The last chain has nothing attached. This is quite the massive chunk of chain. Sure looks cool when worn but also sounds cool too – like wind chimes!!! Not for the faint of heart! LOL

OH!! I almost forgot!! I finished a Geo Cosmo necklace for the show – check it out!!

And matching earrings of course

And finally, a set of three domed pieces (Geo Cosmo style!) filled with rich amber hues….

That’s it, that’s all. Hope you enjoyed the show & tell!! I’m off now, need to work on flyers for the bead show. There’s a rock & gem show locally in a couple of weeks and I have to set up a display case for the bead show there and I can have flyers for people to pick up. It’s always a good marketing opportunity. Hope you have a good week!! I’m going to count my blessings and enjoy life. Can’t complain one little bit! 🙂 Cheers!




5 responses

6 04 2009
Rita Reedy

Barrie, I swear to God, I just drooled on my chest. I can’t decide which one I like best. It is a tie between the Pathways pendant and the Labradorite and Mystic Topaz!!! Wow!!! Love your work!!!

6 04 2009
Trish in PG

Hi Barrie! As always, I love to see the pics of your pretties! And I love the stories you share…….your ring story made me want to share mine with you. At about the 20 year mark in our marriage, (5 years ago now), I managed to accidentally throw away my wedding ring set! Again, no big stones, but precious and filled with memories, like all special jewelry. We replaced it, but it’s never the same….but I’ll always have the memories that went with the original set. So, I empathized with your panic and sadness at losing yours.
What a special class you had this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

6 04 2009

LOL Rita, wipe the drool off! The labradorite and topaz is a pretty amazing piece! 🙂

Trish, thank you for sharing your story!! Glad I’m not the only sentimental one. I know it will never be the same – but losing it did make me really remember and go over all the events of the day he gave it to me, and of course all the years in between. Not a bad thing I don’t think! 🙂

7 04 2009

So sorry about your ring! But I love the new jewelry!
Hearing the cancer story really does help put it all in perspective though.

9 04 2009

Lovely pieces all of them…but I really love the leafy ones you make! And how far has your bezel tutorial gone? (nag nag nag…lol!!)

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