Another week goes by…..

14 04 2009

Happy Monday – Easter Monday for many. We had our Easter celebration on Saturday, all the kids were here, except for Mark’s g/f Cecili. She was babysitting her aunt’s kids, so we sent a plate of turkey goodness to her afterwards. Other than that busy day, it’s been pretty quiet around here. Oh, our grandson Dayton (9 months old) took his first steps yesterday – 5 of them. I got a text about it from his mom – lol. I remember the olden days when you use to have to actually speak to a person on the telephone to convey a message. My how times have changed! ROFL! Seriously, we were talking about technology the other day, and it was horrifying to realize that I remember way back when cordless telephones didn’t exist, computers filled an entire floor of a building and were reserved for government and large companies (my Dad started computer programming in 1969!!). I remember when we got our first color tv (I was in grade 6 and we were the first ones on our block!). I remember back in the early 70’s my best friend’s dad worked for Motorola and we were amazed by his car phone!! It was HUGE, attached by a cord to the unit on the dash. We just couldn’t imagine why you would need a phone in the car! LOL It was very James Bondish and we all thought she had the coolest dad ever. LOL I remember moving to Vancouver from the Prairies in 1981 and looking for a job. There were tons and tons and tons of jobs for ‘word processors’ and I had NO idea what the heck a word processor was! NO CLUE! LOL I applied for a job as an executive assistant (though where I had come from it was still termed secretary) and ended up learning word processing. Amazing technology! ROFL!

Now my household has no less than three cell phones, two computers, 5 televisions, and a token cordless landline telephone that no one ever uses! We don’t need car phones as we have the cell phones. Word processing is now considered a basic learning skill – my 6 year old granddaughter is amazing on the computer. But the truly amazing thing is that when I go downstairs into the studio, aside from the color tv with the remote control, tucking my cell phone in my pocket, turning on my fluorescent lights, I will step back in time and pick up my jeweler’s saw to cut silver sheet. I will grasp my hand files to smooth the metal and remove little imperfections. I will light my propane hand torch and join the seams with solder. I will pound the metal with hammers on smooth steel blocks. And on and on. Techniques that have been around for centuries are still the tried and true methods used today, techniques that I happen to be pretty darn good at. That gives me just a little comfort that while so many things in life change, there are still many more that stay the same!!

Have a great week, I feel the need to create! Cheers! 🙂



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14 04 2009

I love the calming effect of working with my hands and shaping and forming metal into something beautiful. It’s very soothing to me. Usually! LOL

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