I need your help!!

15 05 2009

I want to organize a jewelry making retreat. Yes, a retreat. A weekend of jewlery making F-U-N for all levels of experience. So here’s what I need from you guys – I need suggestions for places where we could hold something like this. A place where we can stay (I’m thinking vacation home, scout camp, lodge, whatever!), somewhere fairly close to Vancouver (for airlines, etc). And not someplace where we would have to mortgage our first born children (so if it is very posh and fancy, not gonna work!). I would really appreciate any suggestions! Have you gone somewhere for a conference? Been somewhere on holidays you think might work? Do you have or know someone who has a big house that wouldn’t mind lots of company for a weekend? I’m open to any and all suggestions!! You can post a comment here, or email me directly (fvbeadshow@gmail.com is the best one – they have a great spam blocker! LOL). I will definitely will be posting more about this soon. Can you imagine? An entire weekend to play, learn and share!! Oh yeah baby!! I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone! 🙂




3 responses

15 05 2009

Uh, yea, I have a place for you – its in NC, USA – in October. HA! One year you have to come.

As far as a place – have you tried vrbo.com ? I think they are not limited to the US. I think thats how I found our house for the retreat and there were many that were possibilities.

Hope it works out – can’ twait to hear about it! 🙂

17 05 2009

OH now I’m jealous! Nobody lives near me in the hot ass southern US! I miss everything. 😦

21 05 2009

sign me up!!!!

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