Happy Wedensday!

21 05 2009

Hello!!! Glad you stopped by (I’m feeling very polite today! LOL!). Thanks for the comments about the jewelry retreat. More info will be provided as I figure it all out. I think it would be a ton of fun, and great for the inspiration. So I’m sure you’ll all hear more soon!! I can tell you it won’t be in September or October. I’m kind of hoping for August. Just because I want to do it this year, not next!!! And there are some pretty cool vacation houses out there that could give us the executive lifestyle (I’m thinking hot tub! LOL) and a weekend of fabulous new friends. More on all that later!

I was supposed to take some pictures of the pieces I finished yesterday, but I totally forgot.  (sorry Trish!) But they weren’t overly exciting, a couple of bangle bracelets with resin leaves (I do have pics of the leaves somewhere – but BAD pics! LOL). And a moonstone ring which you guys have already seen, I just had to size it. Sorry!! Anyway, when I was at the gallery, I took stock of what I have there, plus the LONG list of stuff they’ve sold for me. So I guess I better get off my butt and get some new work done for them. Plus I’m trying to get out the last of the applications for the bead show. I’m really pokey lately – not good!!! Bad me!! So I’m resolving to quit being so darn slow at getting stuff done. Need to get cracking on a bunch of stuff – one of the hazards of being self employed! It’s WAY too easy to get sucked into just doing nothing instead of doing the work that is piling up. Sigh!! So, I better close this off and get cracking!! Have a fantastic day, I hope to be back with pics of stuff (real stuff! LOL) soon!! Cheers!




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