5 06 2009

Yes, thank goodness it’s Friday. And thank goodness the heat is supposed to back off a bit today. I so cannot function when I’m melting!! I still don’t have my computer back, which is a bit inconvenient from a few different perspectives (such as being able to print things, work on bead show stuff, etc), and any thought I had of being able to pry myself away from the internet if it’s not my computer went out the window a long time ago. I’m an addict! LOL But I have to get some rings finished for the gallery, so I am going to FORCE myself to go down to the studio today and crank out 12 rings, or at least get them mostly done so I can take them there on Monday. But as I sit here, with the kitchen door open onto the deck watching the two squirrels come down to the feeder about 12 feet from me, grabbing peanuts and running back into the plum tree, I realize how incredibly distractable I am! LOL I know, not a word – oh! Now there’s a Stellar’s Jay grabbing a peanut out of the feeder! What was I saying? Oh ya, easily distracted, that’s me!! Especially with so many little wild critters just outside my kitchen door. Must – pull – myself – away – from – this – spot………………………………………

(have a great day!! Back soon with pics once my own computer is back home! Cheers!)



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9 06 2009

I love to watch the birds and squirrels too! 🙂 I even get to do it at night, because I have flying squirrels in the tree right by my front porch and they’re nocturnal.

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