Ah, back in the land of the living!!

18 06 2009

Well, what a roller coaster ride the past few weeks have been!! Turns out my old computer has bitten the dust – its only a year and a half old and no, didn’t buy the extended warranty. Silly me!!! I did spend quite a bit of money on it when I bought it so Having purchased a new laptop (same as the one my son lent me for the couple of weeks they tried to fix my old one!), I’m going to send my old one to the factory and get a quote to find out what it would cost to get it refurbished. I still miss it! 😦 I’m sentimental that way, I get used to something and I HATE change!!!! I still miss my old van that I gave to my friend a few years ago. So hopefully they can fix the old computer up and make it happy again! Then I can give this one to dh and I can have my beloved LG back. Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

While I was ‘dealing’ with computer issues, I did manage to make a few pieces of jewelry. Lets see if this fancy new computer can get some pictures online for you guys to look at….

This is a new series I started – called the Data Series (if you’ve ever seen JC Herrell’s Draft beads, that’s where the inspiration came from….).

Here’s another one with amethyst. I know the bezel looks a little wonky, but believe me, it’s not. This next one – now we’re talking wonky, check it out!!

This is the first one in the series, and quite honestly I was trying to get it finished too quickly and the bezel went on the ring shank crooked. Oh well, we’re calling it the prototype and I priced it a little lower than the straight ones! I have more on the go of these. Just gotta drag my butt into the studio one of these days! πŸ™‚
What else did I do – oh yeah, there’s this ring

Crappy side pic, it’s a really nice coin pearl in a simple bezel, but I used a fantastic pattern wire for the band. LOVE the band on this one!!
While we’re talking about pearls, there’s this one…

One of my students REALLY loved this one but it didn’t fit her (sorry Phyllis, you’ll have to make your own! πŸ™‚ ) and it was at the gallery less than two days and found a new owner. Yay!!
I made another one of those huge square rings that I really love so much. The stone is a huge transparent smokey quartz and it’s huge!! Here’s two views of the same ring (crappy pics, I know!)

There’s a couple of others, check out my Flickr (link to the right). Nothing too exciting. Oops, forgot to take a picture of my own new ring that I made just for me. I’ll grab a pic tomorrow.
In the meantime, I guess I’m going to kick back and watch So You Think You Can Dance – I think I have my dh hooked on it too! LOL Who’d have ever thought?! Have a great evening! πŸ™‚




2 responses

19 06 2009

AWESOME! I love all of the rings but most especially the smoky quartz. That’s gorgeous!

28 06 2009

So glad “my” lovely pearl ring found a good home. Now I guess I have to get about doingmy own version as you suggest Barrie! πŸ™‚

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