Nothing new here!

1 07 2009

Happy Canada Day!! There’s nothing new going on around here lately!! I really should get into the studio again, but have just been procrastinating like crazy! My brother is staying with us for a few weeks, so we’re adjusting to having another body around (can’t believe how easily we adjusted to having no one around here after the kids moved out!!). He tells hilarious stories, so it’s fun to listen to him go on!
Oh, dh is calling, guess I best go see what he wants – I do believe we have to head to town for cat food (they’re giving me the evil eye – they can see the bottom of the bowl!). Have a great day, hope you’re being way more productive than I have been! Cheers!



One response

1 07 2009

I have to go to town for flying squirrel food today! They live in a tree in my front yard.

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