Play Date!

17 07 2009

My friend Lise and I spent the day yesterday playing with etching. OMG! I have done etching for years, but I’ve always used nitric acid which is a very dangerous chemical. And it involved all kinds of special safety stuff, had to be done outside (hard to get it to work well when it’s cold outside!), so/so results more often than not for students, and the list goes on! Well, just so happens Lise took an etching class at the Puget Sound Bead Fest last weekend and was raving about ferric chloride. So we decided to give it a try together – I’ve had ALL the supplies for this for years. And I mean years. Why the heck haven’t I tried this before?! Check these out!!

Before (you can see a couple of the images on the blue paper)


Pretty cool huh?? I’m LOVING how easy this is. For those of you in our area, this class will be offered at the Fraser Valley Bead Show this year! Better sign up as soon as the registration is ready!! Won’t be for a few more days, so don’t panic, but it promises to be a fun one!!!
And for those of you not so near, I’ll be making LOTS more textured stuff in the near future!! Stay tuned!!




5 responses

17 07 2009

Awesome, Barrie! I love them, especially the nautilus pattern!

18 07 2009

Oh Barrie!!! I’m with Andee, that nautilus is TDF!!! But they are all great – wonder what they will turn into?!!

18 07 2009

WOW Barrie! Those turned out AWESOME!

20 07 2009

The heck with my booth, I am taking that class! Looks great!

15 08 2009

Just signed up for the class – can’t wait!

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