I’m meeellltttiiinnngggg!!!!

31 07 2009

It is SO hot here right now, it’s ridiculous!! Seriously ridiculous! How do you people that live in hot areas stand this? We’re at 36 degrees Celsius right now, with a humidity of 50% (which apparently makes it feel about another 8 or 9 degrees hotter than it is). BLECH! We are completely unaccustomed to this kind of weather. We’ve had little rain this year, and now we have heat, heat and more heat. We don’t have air conditioning in our house or our car. We have many fans going and all it does is swirl around the hot air. How is this fun? LOL Needless to say I’m not getting a whole heck of a lot of anything done. I spend most of my time just sitting here melting. Not productive, but keeps me from really over heating. Maybe this is the year we buy a hot tub and the next time we get this ridiculous weather, I can put ice cubes in the hot tub and cool off that way.

We picked up our new aquarium, got is set up in the corner of the living room with the sand and salt water and the filter going. I’m going to take some pictures of it as we put this thing together. But we are taking our time and it will probably take about a month to get it completely set up and looking good. We shall see!!

Well, back to my melting. Hope it’s cooler in your world (like some people I know who actually have air conditioning!), I’m praying for rain!! 🙂 Cheers!



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