Missing in action!!

16 08 2009

Sorry to be so MIA lately everyone. It seems my muse has skipped town, but I think I know how to entice her back. I have a friend coming over this week and we’re going to start a MAJOR overhaul of that disaster area I call a studio. It’s too cluttered and icky for me to be able to feel comfy in there, so I’ve been avoiding it. Not good!! Plus our new saltwater tank has sucked up a lot of attention from both dh & I. It’s kind of silly, but we’re really enjoying it. It’s something we both know nothing about, and are both fascinated with, so it’s fun researching, learning, experimenting, etc. We put the clown fish in last week, and they’re ADORABLE! But we’re also finding the crawly little critters like the snails, shrimp and hermit crabs are amazing! We spend quite a bit of time with a flashlight at night looking in the different nooks and crannies of the rock for critters that hitchhiked their way into our world on the live rock (live rock is rock that came from the ocean and the critters are still living in it!). I do believe dh has lost his marbles though – he’s talking about propagating corals now. Good grief – can’t we just enjoy the one tank we have?! LOL!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend. I’m going to give it a really good try to get some jewelry made this week! I do have a couple of custom orders, so hopefully they will kick start my creative energy!! Cheers!



One response

17 08 2009

My muse leaves town when it gets too hot. She seems to have come back so hopefully she dropped of your muse on the way home!

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