Still alive and kicking!!

2 09 2009

Good grief!! It’s been ages since I updated my blog!! Sorry! It’s been an odd summer. My wonderful assistant and I have started the big remodel of the studio, and it’s not been easy I have to admit. First of all letting someone else going through all my crap is stressful, but I’m learning very quickly to let go. Dea is AWESOME and so incredibly understanding of me and my temptation to hoard! LOL Seriously, I could totally see myself becoming one of those crazy hoarder people you see on Oprah! I think A&E even has a show devoted to hoarders. Yikes!! So since I know it’s a horrible possibility, it’s much easier to stay on top of. Sort of! LOL Anyway, Dea works diligently while I work at my workbench (it’s much more productive, trust me!!). You see, if I start going ‘through’ stuff, I can’t let go of it. For example, I decided to be helpful today and empty out one of the endtables full of stuff – top drawer held a couple of 99% empty notebooks (I have a notebook fetish), a plastic bag with 8 little gauze gift bags in it, 3 or 4 bags of Pixie Dust (no I’m not crazy, this is a fine powder you roll hot glass beads in to give them a sparkly frosted look), a handful of beads I made about 8 years ago (one of’s that were my ‘first try’ at certain techniques), a ziplock bag of tiger pattern beads that had broken in half, a huge handful of ruined bent bead mandrels (USELESS!!), and the list goes on!!! Then the next drawer down had some rocks and shells shoved in it, along with some art my kids did about 10 years ago. The third drawer is mostly missing (the front anyway) and just had an old phone book and more kid art. The fourth drawer held the real treasures tho. I found a box with a whole bunch of vintage postcards my grandmother had collected over the many years she and my grandfather used to travel. The vast majority of them were unused, but there were a couple from 1957, written by my great grandmother to my dad and uncle as she was traveling with my great grandfather down to California and Mexico. How cool is that? (of course, I had to read them all) But what the heck and I going to do with the 100 plus unused ones?? It’s not like the places look anything like they did in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or even 80’s?!? Then there were the family pictures, and the handful of programs from my father’s funeral in 1999. Sigh! It just degraded into a big sentimental walk down memory lane, that stupid bunch of drawers. Should have let Dea deal with it! LOL So I have walked away from it, will deal with it properly tomorrow when she’s here to gently urge me to ‘ditch the junk, keep the good stuff, and move on to the next batch’! The woman is a machine with this stuff! Woohoo!!

Anyway, that’s why there hasn’t been much jewelry made lately. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m sure I will have something to show off later this week. Hope life is treating you well!! Cheers!

PS: If you have ANY idea what to do with those stupid postcards, I’m all ears! 🙂



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3 09 2009

It must be something in the air this summer. I haven’t felt like blogging or working or anything!
You could sell those postcards as vintage ephemora on Etsy. People love that stuff!

10 09 2009

Sell them! There are people who collect things like that.

10 09 2009

Thanks you guys!! Who knew there was a market for this kind of stuff!!! Now to find a few minutes to sort, take pics and list!! Maybe this weekend will give me some time! 🙂

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