You’re Invited!

30 10 2009

So, what are you doing on November 28? It’s a Saturday and Susan (my teaching assistant) and I are hosting the first annual Christmas Meet & Greet at her place in Chilliwack from Noon to 3pm!! There will be coffee, tea, a few goodies and snacks (feel free to bring a treat if you want to share!). We’re hoping people will bring some show and tell (what have you made lately? any new tools? Whatever!!). I’ll have some used magazines, books, and general ‘stuff’ from my studio cleanout that I’m hoping to re-home as well as a few tools for sale. I’ll also have my gemstones available for sale for those that are not currently taking one of my classes but want to shop. Matt of Just Screwing Around will probably be joining us with his texturing hammers, bracelet bending pliers, etc (we’re going to demonstrate how to make a hammered cuff in less than 15 minutes!!). I’m going to show everyone how to use Sue’s brand new rolling mill. I’ll have a few texture samples to share so students can have an idea of what’s possible. We’re also hoping Melanie Rowe will join us with her dichroic glass cabochons for sale (she makes AMAZING cast glass faces as well). And anyone else that would like to have a little space to sell stuff should contact me so we can set something up!! Mostly though, we’re hoping to get together with former students, jewelry designers and others interested in what we’re doing for a great time and to network, share and have FUN!! Wanna come?? Send me an email at bedwards at aebc dot com (you know how to fix that!) and I’ll sign you up!! A fun time is in store for everyone!! Hey, I think we could even come up with some door prizes!! I have a couple of ideas!! YAY! It will be wonderful to see all of you – and for those of you who can’t make it because flying in from across the planet is a bit far, we’ll make sure we take pics and share with you too!



2 responses

30 10 2009

Wahhhhhhhhhhh! I want to come! 🙂 Promise to take pics!!!

30 10 2009

Hmmm… That is seriously tempting! I could bring stuff to sell? And maybe pick up a rolling mill for my very own???

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