Time flies!!

26 11 2009

Well, look at that! It’s already nearly the end of November! Where has all the time gone?! I have been very lax on my blog, and I apologize for that. I’ve been teaching A LOT!! Plus, surprise! I’m organizing a spring bead show.I secured the venue last Friday, and now comes the fun part of putting the applications together, sending them out, waiting not so patiently for everyone to reply, etc. Gotta get the posters and flyers done, need to get on the advertising bandwagon. I’m pretty excited! And if that’s not enough fun for one person, my oldest son announced a couple of weeks ago that he & his g/f are getting married on Dec 6. Should be tons of fun I think. Her mom & I hit it off via email right away. We’re meeting on Saturday so she can pick up a necklace/earring set she commissioned me to make for her. I’m looking forward to meeting her in real life! Turns out we both graduated from the same high school in St. Albert, Alberta – me in 1980, she in 1982. small world, huh??
Anyway, jewelry is now starting to be created – I have lots of jewelry on the way, now that students are finally working more on their own. Makes it a little easier for me to create. I will have a couple of rings for show & tell in the next day or two – so stay tuned!!
Don’t forget my Christmas get together!! Sue’s place in Chilliwack on Saturday from noon til 3pm, there’s still room for anyone who wants to join us. Email me at bedwards @ aebc dot com (you know how to fix that one! 🙂 ). Cheers!!




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