More Jewelry – bad pics & all!!

21 12 2009

Well, I totally suck at keeping up here, don’t I? I’m thinking I need to smarten up! Sorry!! I have a couple of pictures to show you of jewelry I finished the other day. These pieces are now happily hanging out at the gallery, hopefully they’ll find new owners soon! 🙂

The first is a dichroic glass and rainbow moonstone pendant – it’s quite big, about 3 inches long in total. The back is decorated with my ‘Pathways’ motif (and yes, I know the pic sucks, but I was in a hurry, it was dark, and the light in my kitchen sucks! LOL!

The next one is a revisit of an old style I’ve done for many years. Joye (the gallery owner) specifically requested some of these two-stone rings, so here’s the first – smokey quartz and pink tourmaline.

This one is a honking huge blue lace agate ring with an asymmetrical setting that was inspired by Janice, the fearless leader of the Jewelry Artists Network forum. I am decidedly not happy with the corners of the square wire frame, but I chose to let it go anyway – deep breath!! lol I’ll probably regret that decision at some point!

Side view of the same ring

And finally, my favorite one – titanium drusy ring with a type of ‘Sticks & Stones’ setting. This is another huge ring, but it sure commands attention – I’ll bet it finds a home fast! LOL

and a side view of this one….

I still haven’t uploaded my wedding pics to my Flickr site yet but will try soon. I haven’t gotten any professional pics yet (other than the two we got a while back), might be time to start nagging the newlyweds! LOL

Well, i am not even close to being ready for Christmas, but I’m sure it will come together with much less stress than last year. If you’ll recall (well you will if you lived near me at the time) we were socked in with more snow than should be legal. Fortunately we only have rain, glorious rain!! no complaints from me! 🙂

Btw, if you want to keep up with me these days, I have been bitten by the Facebook bug – find me there anytime, and friend me!!! I’m trying to beat my son’s girlfriend’s number of friends, but she has a couple of years ahead of me so it might be hard to catch up. But I’m willing to try! LOL

Hope you’re getting yourself all ready for Christmas – I’m sure I’ll have Christmas pictures soon too!! Happy Holidays!!



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