A slow start!

12 01 2010

Well, obviously, I’ve had a slow start to this year. Unfortunately! My husband (who really doesn’t get enough credit for being such an awesome guy – he spoils me rotten most days, and provides me with endless hours of comic relief!), has been laid off since December 18. We are NOT used to spending every waking hour together. I have discovered that I am set in my ways. I like things to be done a certain way and when he’s at work all day, I can do that. But when he’s home all day, it’s a delicate balance of sharing and compromise – okay, who am I kidding, he doesn’t share anything. But he does compromise. He likes my undivided attention (although he’ll deny that vehemently!), and when I ignore him, he is less than happy. But in all fairness, having him home has been great – we really do get along well most days. BUT it’s not terribly productive for either of us. So, he went back to work today, so things will hopefully get back to normal around here. Well, as normal as anything gets around this place!!

I’m supposed to be learning how to work with resin making bangle bracelets on Wednesday – I’m super excited about that!! Its going to be one of the classes at the bead show, so I’m the guinea pig for the instructor. FUN!!! I have a special package to mail out to a friend tomorrow, so will put the finishing touches on that tonight, otherwise, I think I’m going to hit the studio tomorrow and not come out until things are created!! I need to focus on rings. Someone remind me of that when I get sidetracked with ‘stuff’!!

Have a great week, hope to have some pics to share soon! Cheers!




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