A first for me!

19 01 2010

I did it!! I made a spinner ring!! I’ve seen these in all kinds of different places (stores, Etsy, etc) and have always been intrigued by them. Brendalee Astells is going to teach how to make a spinner ring at the upcoming bead show in March. Lise, my class coordinator, said she wanted to make one too. So I thought I better jump on the bandwagon and give it a shot myself! So yesterday while working on a couple of custom pieces (yes, shocking but true, I was working in my studio! Hallelujah!), I grabbed a piece of metal and made a spinner ring. Yay!! It was fun and easy, and I’m actually wearing it on my pinky finger and LOVE it. It tinkles and jingles when you move, and you can spin the little center bands around. Too cool!! Wanna see?

spinner ring

I think I’m going to make more, it was fun! But I’ll take better pictures – that one was taken very hurriedly on my laptop with no proper lighting or anything. Note to self, need batteries for the camera! LOL

I’m working on the class registration information for the bead show. It should go live later today – fingers crossed!! Hope to see you there! Cheers!!



4 responses

19 01 2010

Hi Barrie,
Wow!!!! Cool ring. Can’t wait to sign up for the class.

19 01 2010

Happy New Year Barrie! What a fabulous ring! Do you need a special tool to widen the edges? Is it kind of like a giant tube rivet? Oh how I wish I could come to your classes! I’m hammering and soldering away up here anyway though…….and loving every minute of it, thanks to you! 🙂

19 01 2010

Love it!!!

19 01 2010

Aren’t they so fun to wear?! I made my first one last month and I wear it all the time! Yours is great! Love the textures 🙂

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