Procrastination is NOT my friend!

27 01 2010

I wish I didn’t procrastinate on things. There, I said it. I procrastinate. Why put off for tomorrow what can be put off for at least another two or three days? This is NOT a good thing!! And I have NO idea how to stop doing it. Weird huh? Yes, I’m busy. I’m always busy. Sometimes I’m busy doing nothing – but no one believes that because I fake it well! There are times when I spend a great deal of energy and time avoiding doing something – when it would make much more sense to just do the something in the first place! So if anyone has any good tips for taking this procrastination bull by the horns and fixing it, let me know please! And no, just telling me not to do it won’t work – tried that, but I put that off too. Figured I could start doing it tomorrow, and it just never happened. Bad me!! 🙂

On a totally unrelated note – here’s a pic of the copper bangles I’m helping Lise design for the Riveted Bangles class she’s teaching at the Spring Bead Show – we wanted something chunky and fun, so I made the bases for her to embellish. So I think I get kudos for working in copper at least – anyone who knows me knows it’s NOT my favorite metal. But these turned out okay, can’t wait to see what they look like all finished (these aren’t even polished!).

Riveted copper bangles

Now, I’m going to get off this computer and force myself into the studio. I must make something – anything today. Maybe that will help kick the procrastination to the curb. We shall see! Cheers! 🙂




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16 02 2010

procrastination still on? we need new eye candy

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