Spinning around!

31 03 2010

Did you miss me? I’ve been totally slacking in the blog department lately – sorry about that!! The spring bead show was a fantastic success, and I thank absolutely everyone that came for helping us have one of hte best shows ever! Of course, after the show, I totally crashed!! No jewelry, no bead show stuff, no nothing. At least I wasn’t sick like some were, but I was definitely recuperating from all the crazy show preparations. Our classes were a complete hit, and can’t wait for the fall’s classes to get sorted. And I suppose I should get my rear in gear and come up with some home studio classes – I will soon, I promise!!

I finally have a couple of pieces to show – I went on a bit of a spinning ring fling. It was nice to be able to sit down at the work bench, and actually produce something! Here’s a pic of the little darlings! 🙂

All sterling silver

And sterling with gold-filled spinners

There’s a couple of others, but the pictures didn’t turn out, and I’m not going back out in the rain to take more pictures. I’m teaching the last class of my Chilliwack beginner’s course tonight, then get a two week break to regroup and then start my Chilliwack advanced course.Hopefully I’ll get a few more jewelry pieces made this week, if all goes according to plan!! It’s about time, isn’t it?! 🙂




4 responses

1 04 2010

Wow, Barrie, these are such fun rings!!! Love them all.

10 04 2010

Beautiful rings…..

10 04 2010

I soooo missed you! Glad to hear the show was such a great success! I love your new set of rings – hope we get to see more when you have time!

14 07 2010

Barrie, are you selling these anywhere online???? Want!

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