Bragging Rights!

2 05 2010

Yup, I’m calling bragging rights on these ones!! No, they’re not mine – they are the creations of my best friend/teaching assistant, Susan. She was tasked with creating the jewelry for her niece’s grad outfit, a beautiful simple gown in apple green. Inspired by a piece one of our former students created for his wife (thanks Matt!), Sue took a heavy piece of square silver wire and hammered the heck out of it until she came up with the right look. She accented this with an oval faceted apple green cubic zirconia. We had originally discussed using peridot, but finding such nice stones in that size would have been cost prohibitive and nearly impossible! The only hand I had in this set (besides finding the stones for her!) was guiding her in the setting of the stones. I think she did a fabulous job on them, don’t you??

Susan also thought she should make something a little bolder, just in case that’s what her niece was more drawn to. She decided that she wanted to use resin to get the apple green color, and decided to use clear cubic zirconias to add that little extra bling. The pendant is huge!! I’m guessing 2 inches? It’s definitely not a shrinking violet type piece – and those of you who’ve worked with larger pieces know how tricky the soldering on these can be sometimes! And yet, Sue handled it like a pro! She had me guide her on a couple of things, but for the most part, it was all Sue (though she will argue to the contrary!). I did help her with the stone setting again – just making sure she didn’t have to start over again! 🙂 Oh, and I did do the resin part for her, but that’s the easy part! I love this set – it’s definitely bold!!

Yup, I’m very proud of Sue’s creations – she works so hard making sure my classes run smooth as silk that she doesn’t get a lot of time to work on her own projects. Needless to say, I think she’s done a fantastic job on these and I can’t wait to see the pictures of her niece wearing them! And I definitely can’t wait to see what Susan comes up with next! 🙂




7 responses

2 05 2010

You are way too kind. Without you it wouldn’t have happened at all. And all of the students who you’ve led through the design process is nodding their collective heads right now. You took the “slab of steak” (that’s what I thought the big piece was looking like for a while, the little pieces looked like ears, yes I said “ears” the two things on each side of your head) and made it sing. Thank you doesn’t seem enough. It was the most technical piece I have ever done, I know without your help I wouldn’t have had the courage to attempt it. …..and my niece………….WAS BLOWN AWAY!

2 05 2010

Awesome and amazing…The pieces and the two of you. The jewellery is just superb and you as a team rock it all. Thanks for showing what beautiful stuff Susan has been doing. I am so inspired.

2 05 2010

OMG!!! Absolutely stunning! The jewelry is beautiful and the two of you are a work of art.

6 05 2010

well done grasshopper you have learned from the master.

14 05 2010

Wow, those are stunning pieces!!!

22 05 2010

Lovely work!

And Barrie — oh Barrie – you just got an award:

14 07 2010

very nice!!

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