Finally on a HOT roll!!

13 07 2010

Well, I’ve certainly been neglectful of my poor blog lately, haven’t I? Well, it hasn’t been just my blog being neglected. My poor studio spent months with me treating it more of a place to sit and watch tv than anything else. I would sit at the bench and do nothing – not intentionally, but it was quite a dry spell. I was getting seriously worried that I might never get back to the torch. However, we were hit with a mini heat wave last week, and who knew that’s all it would take to get me back to work!! The upper part of our house stays fairly comfortable, though once the heat gets over 30 degrees Celsius, it’s time to head to the basement – where my studio is conveniently located! I also have a wedding coming up (my second oldest son is finally marrying his girlfriend after three years together – as the wonderful mother of our adorable grandson, we heartily approve!). I’m creating necklaces for all the bridesmaids & flower girls, plus earrings for the bride, cufflinks for the groom and of course my own sparklies for my outfit! So with that kick start in mind, here’s a few pieces that I managed to get done this week!
First is a ring that is strictly for ME!!! Amethyst and opal doublet – inspired by a project in a recent Lapidary Journal. I can’t get over how comfortable it is!! Love it! 🙂

The next two were created with textures provided by Rolling Mill Resource. What’s that you ask? More info on Tracy’s texture templates will be coming soon – in the meantime, here’s a pair of turquoise earrings and a tourmaline pendant.

I also managed to create an ammolite and garnet pendant

I also have a whole bunch of other pieces on the go and will share them as they get finished. I HATE my camera, by the way. So taking pictures is a royal pain in the neck. I’m hoping to sell the damn thing and buy one that I don’t hate. But that’s a little down the road. In the meantime, I do apologize for the lack of posting, and hope you enjoy these new pieces.




2 responses

14 07 2010

LOVE your ring! And the stamped/rolled(?) pieces are awesome too!

17 07 2010

yeah you’re too good not to be creating .love that first ring ,and texture texture yumm

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