Back to basics…

25 08 2010

Yup, had to go back to the basics last week. I had an urge to create some earrings – simple textured shapes. Nothing fancy, nothing I had to think about, I wanted to just knock them out. So I started with a piece of silver that I textured with one of Rolling Mill Resource’s rolling mill templates. These are laser cut card stock templates (one use only) that you roll through with your metal to get some pretty amazing intricate textures. LOVE this stuff!! Once I get the bead show classes online, I’ll be able to concentrate on my own jewelry again (yes, it’s getting near Fraser Valley Bead Show time again). Anyway, I had this rectangle of metal that I’d textured and just gave it a quick saw, drill and hung on hooks. A little patina then a quick turn in the tumbler, and here’s the result…

I then decided it was time for a little hammer therapy – seriously, if you’re ever having a bad day, grab a hammer and some metal and start pounding. Very therapeutic, I must say! Oh, I should mention my new steel block!! I got this block from Just Screwing Around – its smooth and shiny on one side and sandblasted on the other – here’s the texture you get on the back of your hammered pieces…

Kind of cool, huh? Here’s what these ones look like from the front….

Here’s another pair of hammered ones – these are long ovals (about 2 inches long!) done with a riveting hammer

And finally my favs – REALLY long leaves – these are almost three full inches. Again hammered with the riveting hammer, I left the metal slightly curled (it does that when you hammer it). I took all the earrings to the gallery for sale, but really wish I’d kept these. Yes, I know, I could make myself another pair, but I probably won’t. Onward to different projects, I suppose!

Anyway, back to bead show work with me. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂




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24 10 2010

Hi Barrie….Your “basics” are lovely! I’m sure they didn’t spend long at the gallery! I expect the bead show this weekend was another fabulous event…as always I am sad to be so far away, but if you post some pics, I will survive! 🙂
And that wee grandson that I met when he was so new is now such a little man! Time does fly by!
Put your feet up this week! Take care, Trish

7 03 2011


7 03 2011

superb and very unique style!

10 03 2011
ann schneider

Barrie, everything is so beautiful on your blog. I remember you from 12 years (or more) ago when I asked on a forum about clasps and you said taht you made your own. I was so amazed. Still am!

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