Happy New Year!!

15 03 2011

Yeah, I know, I’m WAY behind on my blog!! BAD me!! Life seems to have gotten away with me! I apologize for neglecting my poor blog for so long – I’m hoping to get back to regular posting now. So what’s new with me? Well, the fall Fraser Valley Bead Show was incredibly successful for most. For me it was a serious challenge to my mental well being! Seriously!! One instructor nearly set the building on fire – she put her kiln on a wooden desk, fired her product with NOTHING between the wood and the firebrick of the kiln. Suffice it to say that we were VERY lucky that there was only a bit of minor smoke damage, and no one was hurt! I can’t even contemplate how horrible things could have gone if it had been any worse! I firmly believe in hiring highly qualified instructors. I hired someone who was certified by the company she represented to not only teach beginners, but she was also certified to certify instructors! But she obviously had a bad weekend as she ignored a very important basic safety step. The truly sad part is that to this day she refuses to accept responsibility for her actions and blames everyone else for her mistake. Whatever – she has to live with herself, and I certainly hope she doesn’t do the same thing at home with her kiln as I don’t think she’ll be quite so lucky a second time! And if that wasn’t enough, the same instructor bailed on her classes at the VERY last minute leaving us high and dry. Thank goodness for the wonderful people I’ve come to know at the show, and I had a VERY capable instructor step in and salvage the class. Now if this wasn’t enough drama for one show, I also had a VERY rude vendor come unhinged on me – she stood at my desk in the main foyer of the show in front of customers and vendors alike and proceeded to yell at me for what she perceived as my being rude to her. As I tried to explain that we’d had some major issues to deal with that morning (hello? did you not smell the burnt wood smell??), she put her fingers in her ears and informed me that she did NOT want to hear my ‘story’. Really?? I managed to maintain my cool, got her to go back to her booth, and took a very long, deep breath. If I ever write an article about how to get banned from a show, I think ‘scream at the organizer like a spoiled child’ will definitely be the first tip!! No, this particular vendor will not be returning to our show!!
So that was my fall show experience! I hope those that attended the show had more fun than I did! Heh heh! And now I find myself preparing for the spring show. On a plus note, there’s no full moon this time! Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that part?? The crazy day of wacky people was a full moon!! I always thought that was hokum. but after that I’m not taking any more chances! I have checked and re-checked the internet for the phases of the moon for the future dates of the show and thankfully – no full moons! Whew!!
So I imagine you’d like to see some jewelry but I’m afraid I have been totally slacking of late. I have done a bit of custom work, a few samples for classes, but other than that, not a heck of a lot of anything. I’m hoping to change that after the show as I really miss creating. Silver prices are through the roof, but that’s okay – I’ll find a way to make it work. So hopefully you’ll see some new and hopefully interesting pieces from my workbench in the near future. And if you’re looking for something fun to do on March 25-27 and live nearby, check out the Spring Fraser Valley Bead Show in Coquitlam – click here for full details and a complete list of all our exciting new classes.
I’ll be back soon to blog some more. Have a great week!



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