Finally a productive day!

22 03 2011

Well, let the record show that I work SO much better when I have deadlines!! What you don’t see in the following pictures are the several pieces that I nearly finished, but ran out of time! I have to get them finished before the show – we shall see!! In the meantime, here’s some long awaited bling! 🙂

First is a Turquoise and Sunstone sticks & stones ring – gold sticks, silver band. It’s a custom piece, not my typical color palette.

This is a terrible picture – blurry, wrong angle, etc. Bad me! I was in a hurry – again, not my color choice, custom order.

This is probably as close as I get to ‘production’ work. Four of the same rings – almost a record for me! LOL!

This is for the same customer as above – I’m going to solder a native carved pendant onto this – so I guess it’s a work in progress.

And finally, a black cubic zirconia ring – I don’t usually use black cz’s but had a custom order for a black cz heart and had to order enough to make the minimum from my supplier, so I figured I’l give some of these a try. They’re not too bad I don’t think. Well, we’ll see what the customers think anyway. I used the chisel end of my riveting hammer to get the cross hatch texture on the band.

That’s it for today! Well, yesterday, I guess. I did set the stones this morning, and everything went in without a hitch. I love when that happens!! Now, I have to finish a couple of pieces for Naaz (one of my awesome bead show assistants), they’re WAY past due, so I should be able to get them done for her by Friday – we shall see anyway!! LOL If you’re in Coquitlam, BC this weekend, drop by the Fraser Valley Bead Show and say hi!! Cheers!




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