Some New Updates!

20 07 2011

Hello!! It’s been a while again – let’s see if I can update you on all the goings on. Nothing too exciting, so you can skip this bit if you have more important things to do!! I’m currently working on bead show classes (which entails nagging the instructors to get their info to me!). The fall Fraser Valley Bead Show is creeping up fast – October 21-23 at the Cascades Casino/Convention Center in Langley, BC again. Applications are coming in slowly but surely! I’m working on writing a few jewelry tutorials – with TONS of pictures! There are so many wire working or lampworking tutorials, I figure I should just get cracking and hop on the tutorial bandwagon! They’ll be available on my Etsy site eventually. I’m working on some custom jewelry, really enjoying this right now for some reason! I am still trying to figure out the web cast thing – slowly! My stumbling block has been clearing a space in the disaster zone I call my studio! It’s so messy, I don’t want you guys to see it like that! No, seriously, it’s a MESS!! We’re working on that so I can get the camera set up and secured so I don’t end up knocking things flying, setting things on fire and generally making an a$$ of myself! LOL

I’ve also taken on the entirely strange task of babysitting my son’s dog during the week while he’s at work. We already have 3 dogs – for those of you who haven’t ‘met’ them yet, there’s Jessie (my Shih Tzu/Cairn terrier cross).

Then there’s Bailey – Basset hound/Pointer cross

And of course, Woody – purebred Basset hound

So we’ve now added Grace – Mark’s new dog.

She’s a 1 & a half year old pit bull, tiny (maybe 30 pounds?), adorable, and VERY sweet. She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body, but boy or boy, can that dog JUMP!! We spent the first two weeks Grace-proofing the fence! At 7ft high, I believe we finally have her beat! She loves the back yard. We have a dog door in the kitchen that opens onto the deck, and of course into the back yard. Thankfully, it’s now hit a point where all four dogs get along great, and pretty much leave me to do my thing during the day. I can finally hit the studio without worrying about them wrecking the upstairs while I’m working. Whew!! Needless to say, it’s been a crazy hectic few weeks getting used to having an extra body around here all day long! LOL

And the final exciting bit of news, I have a new website! Finally! It’s still very much a work in progress, but it’s getting there. I will have lots to add there soon. Oh, I suppose I should include a link! Here you go! All about me!! Let me know what you think!
Now, off to work with me – I mean studio work! And yes, I will take pictures when I’m done!! Have a great day!




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