Reticulated Sterling Pendant

22 07 2011

Well, imagine that! I managed to get something made this week that isn’t custom work! Yeah me! I have been demonstrating how to reticulate sterling silver for quite a few years, and have all these small pieces of crinkly silver stashed away on my workbench. I decided I wanted a big round pendant and made a square wire circle about and inch and three quarters in diameter. It just so happened that it fell into my bench drawer and landed on one of the bigger pieces of reticulated silver. Aha!! So I cut and filed, and soldered the reticulated piece in place. Then it was time to figure out what stones I wanted to use. I went through everything I have (and I have A LOT of stones!). I finally settled on a set of 5. amethysts in ascending (or descending depending on your perspective) sizes. The largest stone is 5.5mm in diameter, the smallest is 3mm. I did silver-black (antique patina) the textured part, then ran it through the tumbler overnight. It didn’t take long to set the stones, although the 3.7mm one (second smallest) gave me a bit of a workout!). I wore this today on a black leather cord. I think I’ll test drive it for a few weeks – I really like it! 🙂

Hopefully I’ll get more time in the studio this weekend. I do have a very special set of custom rings on the go, so hopefully I’ll be inspired to make more extra goodies!! Hope you have a great weekend!




One response

22 07 2011
Rita Reedy

Barrie, it is perfect, and the stones obviously a great choice (purple) lol. I love your work, and the reticulated silver is wonderful. You make me wish I had some to play with 😉 and the skill to make something out of it. ❤

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