Bead Soup!!

3 08 2011

What? Me cook? Not likely?! Then what exactly is Bead Soup all about?! I’ve joined the Bead Soup Blog Party! For a complete description (and maybe sign yourself up before August 3/11!!) click on the picture below!!

Bead Soup Blog Party

I decided to join the Bead Soup Blog Party because I need a creative kick in the butt, and this seemed like a great idea to get me thinking outside of the box. I don’t do shows anymore (well, except my own, but that doesn’t count!), and I only sell through one retail location, so I don’t have too many things that force me to do something different than what I usually do. I also don’t make lampwork beads anymore – in fact, I loaned my torch to a friend so couldn’t even if I wanted to! This Bead Soup thing is SO far out of my comfort zone, it should be interesting to see what happens! You’ll have to stay tuned!! In the meantime, here’s a pic of a sterling silver & garnet bead I made a few years ago. I’ll have to come up with something special for this wild and wacky project! Wish me luck!!




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